A) Core Courses

Courrse No. Couse Name
AGRO-123 Fundamentals of Agronomy-II
BOT 121 Fundamentals of Crop Physiology
ECON 121 Fundamentals of Agricultural Economics
ENGG 121 Soil and Water Conservation Engineering
ENTO-121 Fundamentals of Entomology
EXTN 122 Fundamentals of Agricultural Extension Education
GPB 121 Fundamentals of Genetics
PATH 121 Fundamentals of Plant Pathology

B) Non-Gradial course

Courrse No. Couse Name
FRST 121 Introduction to Forestry
EDNT 121 Educational Tour*

C) Common Course

Courrse No. Couse Name
EXTN 123 Communication Skills and personality Developments

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